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Mitch Credle Short Films

Mitch Credle Short Films

Filmmaker, Producer, Director Mitch Credle invites you to check out his collection of short films dealing with a variety of situations and thought provoking issues. Out of the D.C. area, Mitch gives us his creativity and vision.

Mitch Credle Short Films
  • The Hustle

    When the teacher leaves Nikko in charge of the class while she's gone, Nikko has more than reading, writing, and arithmetic on his curriculum.

  • Cashing Out

    What would you do if you found some money? Find out what happens when a group of boys finds a bag of money.

  • So You Want To Be Wifey

    A woman suspects her husband of cheating and confronts the "other woman" and her husband. See what happens as she makes them come face to face with their infidelity in the Mitch Credle film, "So You Want To Be Wifey"

  • Man Law (short film)

    Women say that mankind is lost. Well it could be true!! See what happens when these guys try to lay down the their own minds!!!